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Edward John Russell, a New Brunswick Artist

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Edward John Russell, a New Brunswick Artist

Edward John Russell’s paintings are often seen, but credit is usually given to the museum or gallery from which they came, and not to the artist himself. It is a shame that Russell is not more famous, since he left us with a trove of very accurate paintings of the age of sail in New Brunswick and elsewhere.

Russell was born in England in 1832, and immigrated to Saint John, New Brunswick, at the age of 19 years. He married in Saint John and, in a few years, moved to Fredericton where his artistic career began. During that period, he contributed to illustrated newspapers in England and Canada and produced a book of sketches of New Brunswick. At the age of thirty, he moved back to Saint John and continued to draw and paint. It was there that he began painting tall ships, for which is well known. He produced a great many of these paintings and is admired not only as a painter but as an excellent draftsman and for the accuracy of his representations.

Russell moved briefly to Boston after his first wife died in 1880. He married again in Boston and returned to Saint John where he continued to paint and to publish his works in several newspapers.

Best known for his tall ships paintings, Russell also published many other paintings and drawings. Several of these are still available, though most of the online images are from microfilm and are of a poor quality.

This is a catalogue of the paintings and drawings that I have been able to find. All of these are in the public domain, but I thought that a full exhibition in this blog would take undue advantage of the work that others had put into compiling them. Only a few examples are shown here, together with links to the sources. The precise titles of the paintings vary from source to source, and the titles shown are as found.

Ships Paintings Lizzie Morrow Photoshoped

The Lizzie Morrow

This ship is special to me, since it was owned in part by George Daniel Morrow, a son of George and Elizabeth (Wood) Morrow of French Lake, New Brunswick. Elizabeth (Lizzie) was a 2nd great grand aunt of mine.

  • “Albatross,” after 1882 [7]
  • “Albion, the Wreck of the,” after 1853 [7]
  • “Alexander Gibson,” after 1877 [7]
  • “American Bark,” 1869 [3]
  • “American Frigate Riding Out a Storm” [3]
  • “American Full Rigged Ship at Anchor in European Port with French Ship off Bow” [3]
  • “Anglo America,” 1878 [7]
  • “Baroque Northern Empore,” Windsor, N.S. [3]
  • “Battle of the Dolphin with the Hebe and Three Brothers,” 1906, Russell, after an engraving by George Coggeshall [3]
  • “Blanco,” 1875-1880 [7]
  • “Boston Harbour, a view of, 1896” [3]

Boston Harbour

  • “Buteshire,” c 1876 [7]
  • “City Camp,” c 1875 [7]
  • “City Mobile” [5]
  • “Clipper Ship Carrick, Castle of the Sea” [3]
  • “Cumberland; Saint John Harbour 1892” [7]
  • “Curlew,” 1881-1901 [7]
  • “David Lynch,” c 1894 [7]
  • “David Weston,” 1893 [7]
  • “Empress,” c 1895 [7]
  • “Eva,” c 1890 [7]
  • “Forest,” 1877-1893 [7]
  • “Governor Tilley,” 1892 [7]
  • “Lizzie Morrow,” ca. 1885, [1]
  • “Maria Scammel,” 1869 [7]
  • “Moss Glen,” 1865-1891 [6]

Moss Glen

  • “Banquereau,” 1869-1873 [7]
  • “Paramatta,” c 1890 [7]
  • “Peerless,” 1870-1876 [7]
  • “Prince Amadeo,” c 1875 [7]
  • “Rialto,” c 1885 [7]“Royal Harrie,” 1872-1880 [7]
  • “Schooner and Brigantine at Sea,” 1902 [4]
  • “Romance of the Sea, Clipper Ship” 1902 [5]
  • “Ship in Full Sail on Stormy Sea,” 1893 [7]
  • “Soulanges,” 1877-1893 [7]
  • “Star,” 1895 [7]
  • “Storm Petrel” [3]
  • “USS President at Anchor in Heavy Swell,” 1904 [2]

Other Paintings

  • “Fort Lee and Rockland Lake, N.Y.” [3]
  • “Hudson River from French Hotel” [3]
  • “King & Jewett Mill, Thos. E. Millidge Shipyard, St. John, New Brunswick,” c1865 [7]

King and Jewett

  • “Provincial Exhibition Palace, Fredericton, 1864, Matthew Stead Esq. Architect,” [8]
  • “Sphinx of the Bay,” 1893 [7]

Drawings, and Prints from Drawings

  • “Ice build-up in the St. John River at Fredericton, winter 1857,” [8, with a credit to the Illustrated London News, 23 May 1857]

Ice breakup

  • “Narrows of the St. John River Looking Toward Indiantown,” [9, with a credit to the Canadian Illustrated News, March 1, 1873, and to Library and Archivers Canada]
  • “Narrows of the St. John River Looking Toward South Bay,” [9, with a credit to the Canadian Illustrated News, March 15, 1873]
  • “Rainstorm,” about 1875, wood engraving [6]


  • “Recent Fire in Saint John, New Brunswick” [9, with a credit to the Canadian Illustrated News, 29, April 1871, Vol. III, No. 17, p 268]
  • “Young Girl Kneeling,” about 1875, wood engraving [6]


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