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Some Odd Old Advertisements

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The following collection of odd old advertisements is from The New Brunswick Magazine, Volume 2, Number 5, Saint John, N.B., 1899. There is no indication of who compiled them, but it was likely W.K. Reynolds, who was the magazine editor.

Some of the advertisements are odd in different ways. The one about the ‘negro wench’ is more sad than odd, and the only thing odd about the Gaelic sermon is that the compiler thought that it was odd.

Germain Street

Germain Street at Duke Street, St. John, ca. 1880’s or 90’s

From the New Brunswick Museum. The neighbourhood of the first advertisement, though at a later date.


Some Odd Old Advertisements

From the Royal Gazette, January 21, 1800:


Absconded from his master’s service on the 14th inst., William D., an indentured apprentice. This is to caution all persons not to trust him on my account (particularly Shoemakers and Taylors), as he has long been in the habit of running me in debt without my knowledge. He is an artful, insinuating, dangerous Character—fond of Nocturnal Frolics, Card-playing and Tippling, and appears to have arrived at great perfection in these accomplishments, within a few months. His principal place of resort is at the Youth’s Hotel in Duke Street, a most dangerous receptacle for the rising generation, should it be continued. He is well known from being in the service of the Subscriber for a number of years.

N.B. All persons are hereby forbid harbouring or concealing said Apprentice, and all masters of vessels are cautioned not to take him out of the Province under the penalty of the Law. John Ryan.

From St. John Gazette, March 1, 1799:


A Negro Wench and Child.

The Wench is about 19 years old, has been brought up in the Country, is well acquainted with a Dairy, and understands all kinds of House-work. She is to be sold for no fault. Enquire of Mr. Ryan.

From St. John Gazette, July 29, 1800:


Whereas some evil minded person, set on by the instigation of the Devil, has been on board of the Ship I am now building near the Old Fort at Carleton, and have maliciously, or in a fit of insanity, cut the edges of the ceiling plank, so that they are damaged thereby. I hereby Caution all persons whatsoever, on their peril, whether out of malice, madness, or otherwise, to desist from the like practices in future as I am determined to prosecute the offender to the extremity of the Law.

Archibald Fillies, St. John, 24th July, 1800

From St. John Gazette, August 12, 1800:


Is hereby offered to any Person who will discover the unprincipled wretch that killed a Mare belonging to the Subscriber on the 7th instant, near Simonds’ Saw Mills,—the vile Fiend appears to have maliciously perpetrated the act with a pitch fork while the Mare was grazing on the high Road—but should it be proved to have been an accident, it will be settled on very easy terms by immediate application to

Christopher Watson, St. John, 12th August, 1800

From N.B. Courier, August 7, 1823:

GÆLIC SERMON—Immediately after the usual afternoon service in the Scotch Church tomorrow, a Gaelic Sermon will be delivered by the Rev. Mr. McCallum to those who are acquainted with the dialect. It is requested of the members of the Scotch Church to make this intimation known to their Gælic friends.


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