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New Brunswick Scenes From an Old Book

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New Brunswick Scenes From an Old Book

These pictures are from The Celestial City, Fredericton, New Brunswick and the Saint John River, for the Tourist and Sportsman by Frank H. Risteen, published in 1904 by the Fredericton Tourist Association. This was the fifth edition of the book, and most or all of the pictures likely date from before 1904.

An unidentified residential street in Fredericton: A friend noticed what looks to be the top of the Cathedral, above the trees on the right. I think that this is correct and that this is Brunswick Street.

Residential Street


The Legislature building in Fredericton:

Legislature Building 


Old Government House in Fredericton:

Old Government House 


Officers Square in Fredericton

Officers Square


The Cathedral in Fredericton:


On the Nashwaak River, opposite Fredericton:

Nashwaak opposite Fredericton 


Wilmot Park in Fredericton

Wilmot Park


The Royal Kennebecasis Yacht Club sailing a few miles below Fredericton

Yacht Club


The cotton mill and the lumber mill at Marysville

Marysville Mills


The falls at Grand Falls, New Brunswick

Grand Falls


A picture from below Grand Falls:

Below Grand Falls 


Fishing at Tobique Narrows

Tobique Narrows


Timber Burr truss spans over the Saint John River at Florenceville

Florenceville Bridge


Canoeing, above Fredericton:



Mouth of the Oromocto River: 230 years of my family history here. 

Mouth of Oromocto


Sheffield, below Fredericton



The narrows, approaching Saint John

Narrows St John


Papineau Falls, Nepisiquit River:



Pokiok Falls:



One of eight moose captured under a license for government of Newfoundland:



 ‘Ravine Lodge’, a summer home near Fredericton



‘The Birches’, a typical summer camp on the Saint John River: Typical for the purpose of composing a tourist guide. 



A view on the Tobique River:

Tobique River 


E.B. Holmes of Brookline, Mass., and Arthur Pringle, Guide, with a moose on the Miramichi:

Moose 2 


Summer homes near Fredericton

Summer Fredericton


Nine-foot salmon leap, Sevogle Falls, Miramichi

Salmon Leap


Lumber drive on the Nashwaak River near Fredericton

Nashwaak Lumber



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  1. love these old photos. I am 8o and remember some of the places

    Don Sutherland

    February 21, 2013 at 12:45 PM

    • Don, I am a mere 66,but also remember some of those places. I am glad that you liked them. John


      February 21, 2013 at 3:32 PM

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