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Three Generations of the Mersereau Family

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 Three Generations of the Mersereau Family 

John and Charity (Van Horne) Mersereau came to what is now New Brunswick in 1783 as part of the Loyalist evacuation of New York. Mersereau is now a very common name in N.B., even when compared with other Loyalist families; and this is because John and Charity’s sons Lawrence and Andrew also arrived in 1783. The Mersereaus therefore had an unfair head start on the name game. 

WordPress presents some limitations as to formatting, and a listing of the first three generations of Mersereaus, starting with John and Charity, is attached at the following link: Mersereau List

There are many people descended from John and Charity who do not carry the Mersereau name. The DeWitt, Seely, Tracy, Hoyt, Webb, Wood and other families may therefore also find this interesting. 

This is one of several blog posts listing descendants of New Brunswick pioneers. It seems that listings such as this are never complete, and I leave it to the reader to decide whether this one is at least adequate for your purposes. My regrets if your favorite ancestor is not detailed here.

Lawrence and Andrew had three other brothers who remained inNew Yorkand some of their descendants are included in the listing. Their information is less complete than for the New Brunswickers, however.

Following is a sample page:


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