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Three Generations of the Smith Family

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 Three Generations of the Smith Family

Samuel Smith and his wife Elizabeth of Dunbarton, New Hampshire, had a family of at least four sons and one daughter. Three of the sons came to New Brunswick and are today ancestors of a large family of Smiths. The three sons were Samuel, Andrew and Thomas. Information for the fourth son, William, is limited in this blog post; and there is no information at all regarding his sister, Mary.

WordPress presents some limitations as to formatting, and a listing of the first four generations of Smiths, starting with Samuel and Elizabeth, is attached at the following link:  Smith List

There are many people descended from Samuel and Elizabeth who do not carry the Smith name. The Tracy, Foss, Cogswell, Phillips, Carr, Bunker and other families may therefore also find this interesting.

This is one of several blog posts listing descendants of New Brunswick pioneers. It seems that listings such as this are never complete, and I leave it to the reader to decide whether this one is at least adequate for your purposes. My regrets if your favorite ancestor is not detailed here.

There is at least one other family of Smiths in Sunbury County, New Brunswick, and that family has Connecticut roots. Horace B. Smith was a member of that family, for example. That family is not represented in this post.

Following is a sample page:


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