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Three Generations of the Wood Family at French Lake, N.B.

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Three Generations of the Wood Family of French Lake, New Brunswick

The Wood family at French Lake, New Brunswick, began with pioneers Daniel Wood and wife Ann Morgan. They had a family of at least ten children; two boys and eight girls. One of the boys was Nehemiah Wood who was baptized in Maugerville in 1892 together with his brother John and father Daniel. That, however, is the last we hear of Nehemiah, and I suppose that he must have died young.

Therefore, all of the Woods of French Lake may also trace their ancestry back to John Wood, Daniel and Ann’s only surviving son, who was possibly the source of our ornery-gene. There are many other people descended from Daniel and Ann, who do not carry the Wood name and these include Mersereaus, Smiths, Phillips, Bunkers, Nasons and others.

This is one of several blog posts listing descendants of New Brunswick pioneers. It seems that listings such as this are never complete, and I leave it to the reader to decide whether this one is at least adequate for your purposes. My regrets if your favorite ancestor is not detailed here.

There are two other posts in this blog which describe the first two generations. These are Daniel Wood of French Lake, New Brunswick – 1764-1847 and John Wood of French Lake, New Brunswick – 1788-1868. There are also some photographs of the family in Wood Family Photographs from a Collection, French Lake, N.B.

This is a 16 page listing of the first three generations of Wood in French Lake, starting with Daniel and extending to his grandchildren. WordPress presents some limitations as to formatting, and the document is therefore attached at the following link: Wood 3 Attach

Following is a sample page:


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